XLX Multiprotocol Gateway Reflector
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 Wednesday 29/05/2024
 08:58 UTC

This is a private website. It shows the status and statistical information of the XLX Multiprotocol Reflector "XLXLEF" in the UK.
The server is hosted in a London datacentre by Dave M0UPM primarily for members of Loughton & Epping Forest Amateur Radio Society.
XLXLEF peers with DMR Brandmeister (BM) Talk Group 23511 / LEFARS on Module B and allows multiple connections with
several types of digital radio from your hotspot. Transcoding (six channels with two AMBE-3003 Vocoder chips) supports
the following modes and protocols for hotspot connections:

D-Star XLXLEF B (DCS, DExtra, REF and XRF)
    See Modules list for Module B connections.

Yaesu Fusion GB LEFARS (YSF23511).
   Visit the Pi-Star website YSF list for YSF23511 connecton methods.
 For LEFARS please use Module B only.
  (Note that XLXLEF also accepts P25, M17 and NXDN connections, see pi-star listings for each mode searching for 23511).

Contact & feedback:
 Dave M0UPM

Setting up Pi-Star, more information on D-Star and DMR How To.
Adding a Brandmeister password for your hotspot. [Required from 01-Oct-2021] How To.
LEFARS Website here.
GB7HH Website here.
PI-STAR Website here.
BrandMeister Website here.
BrandMeister Support Portal (seperate from your selfcare account, new signup required) here.
BrandMeister Telegram here.

With thanks to John G8DZH & Andy MW0MWZ

(C) 2020-2024 Dave M0UPM

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